Client Corner

Tax Video Service


What will income tax preparation or other service cost?
Pricing is based on time and complexity of return or other service. Upon request, an estimate can be provided to you by reviewing last year’s return and hearing about differences before you commit to have your taxes done. Our price is generally less than the national chains. Fax to or connect to our secured client portal to transfer/upload confidential documents to us for review.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Cash and Check.
What does EA stand for?
Although I like to say EA stands for Extraordinary Accountant, EA stands for “Enrolled Agent”. It is a license issued by the IRS – specific to taxes. An EA can represent clients in matters before the IRS.
Are you an IRS Authorized e-file provider?
Yes, we will e-file all eligible federal and state tax returns after your sign-off. You will receive a hardcopy of the tax return for your records.
I haven’t filed my taxes for a number of years. Can you help?
Yes, we understand that health, life, and business challenges sometimes cause priorities that may delay preparing your taxes. We can get you caught up.
What do I need to bring?
If you don’t have a checklist we can send you ours by email? We will customize a checklist for you after that.
What should I expect ?
We’ll schedule an appointment together to meet in person or talk on the phone or video conference.
We’ll take you thru a 20-40 minute interview to touch on potential tax return info, savings and credits – and allow you to ask questions for items with which you may not be familiar.
If we create a list of missing items you will obtain the info and forward to us.
We will prepare your tax returns (federal and state(s)) as applicable, make recommendations or observations for tax planning purposes. Also included are a Current to Prior Year comparison of tax returns and other analysis if requested.
We will review your financial situation as well as offer strategies that can improve your ability to build wealth and to increase business value while achieving financial freedom.
You will sign Form 8879 for federal return and return to our office. We will e-file your federal and state returns (unless a unique situation does not permit – in which case we will supply copies for you to sign/date and paper file by mail).
A copy of your tax return(s) will be provided for your records and your original supporting materials will be returned to you.
Payment is expected upon completion of the services
Work is guaranteed. In the unlikely event you receive a letter or call from the IRS or state tax authority, let us be your first call.
What is your guarantee?
All our tax preparation and calculations are guaranteed accurate. Any issues/correspondence resulting from the preparation of the return will be handled at no additional charge. In the rare event that your tax return is incorrectly prepared by us, John D. Toye, Tax Practitioner will pay any interest or penalties at time of notification by the IRS/State Revenue Service. The client is still responsible for any additional tax.

If the issue is the result of incorrect information supplied by the client or information not supplied by the client, there will be an additional charge for services and John D. Toye, Tax Practitioner will not cover any interest or penalties by the IRS/State Revenue Service.

I live at a distance. Do I have to come to your office?
For new clients, it is most desirable to have you come to our office for a first meeting so that confidential identification and numbers can be shared most securely. For subsequent visits, we can address your needs through video conferencing, fax, US Mail and a client portal for emailing/uploading confidential information and scanned attachments.
Are you able to accommodate disabled individuals?
For disabled and elderly clients, we can arrange an appointment at your home.