About ME

John D. Toye, E.A.

While studying accounting in college, John developed a passion for income tax work. At that time maximum tax rates were in the 50% range. He knew that understanding taxes would be critical to helping his family and others to build and retain wealth.

Family and financial freedom are two of the most important priorities in John’s life. Married to Kim for over 30 years, John and Kim are currently debt free and financially independent. Their two sons, David and Ben, have both graduated college. They have both married and are starting their homes and families nearby. They are both on track for successful financial futures.

Although John wanted to be an astronaut when he was young, taxes and finances became his passions. John stays connected to his interest in space as a fan of Star Trek and its many movies and television series because of the shows commitment to weaving real science into the possibilities of the future. His favorite character is Spock who applies logic to everything. John believes: “You can only ‘live long and prosper’ in our world by utilizing the tax rules in your favor.”

John regularly plays chess for fun and competitively online. He gets to play individuals locally and around the world – at many skill levels.

Traveling has become one of John’s and Kim’s passions. One of John’s favorite trips was to Chichen Itza, a Mayan city ruin, in Mexico. John was impressed to see the accomplishments of an ancient civilization.